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Greenville Hockey is proud to have the only all girls hockey program in the state of South Carolina.  While it is great for girls to play with the boys at younger ages it is important to establish an all girls program where girls can continue to play the sport.  Our goal is to continue to grow our girls program so our young women will still have a place to play hockey once body checking is established in the boys game.  We are planning 4 brackets in our girls program for the 2024-25 season. The first (the Warrior Princesses) is for our younger and smaller girls, this division plays in mostly cross ice style jamborees to introduce the sport.  The second (the Greenville Lady Warriors) is for the middle aged more experienced girls who are ready for full ice more competitive hockey, they will play games in the Carolina Girls Hockey League.  The older girls,  the South Carolina Lady Warriors, have plans to have teams in the Southern Girls Hockey League 16u & 19u divisions and play some tournament and college club exhibitions.

Greenville Hockey operates all these teams as an add on experience.  Girls need to either be currently participating in a Learn to Play, House, or a Travel program to be eligible.  

As many areas in our region do not have the numbers or interest to support an all girls program, we accept any girl who meets the above criteria to join us.  We currently have girls from Charleston, Columbia, Athens, Asheville, Roanoke, and Atlanta who play with us.  

The girls experience tends to be much more of a social one when compared to the boys programs.  While competition is always part of it, we understand that building friendships and having a great experience is what it is all about.




Girls Try Hockey for Free 1/27/24

Girls representing at the Swamp Rabbit game

Girls Program

Coaching Staff

Matt Hoyle

Matt Hoyle

South Carolina Lady Warriors 19u Head Coach & Girls Program Coordinator

Mike Geremia

Mike Geremia

SC Lady Warriors 16u Head Coach

Ryan Hanson

Ryan Hanson

10u/12 Lady Warriors Head Coach

Markus Streicher

Markus Streicher

Warrior Princesses Head Coach

Brianna Duba

Brianna Duba

Girls Program - Assistant Coach

Hockey 101 - Brought to you by the girls at Oswego State

Off Ice Fun!

Check out these videos to work on your hands and your strength while we are off the ice!


A message from our girls coordinator

Girls Program Coordinator & Head Coach, Matt Hoyle

I am so proud of the strides our girls program has come in the past few years and am excited to watch it to continue to grow.  The relationships and friendships that are built around this program continue to amaze me.  While these young ladies are fierce Warriors during competition, their off ice connection is truly inspiring.  Girls see and play the game differently than their male counterparts.  We recognize that for most of them socialization and friendships take priority over the game itself.  My goal is to build individual athleticism, hockey skills, and a passion for the game,  while building a team of young ladies and friends that can last a lifetime.


Meet Herbert, the unofficial  mascot of the Lady Warriors hockey team.  Herbert travels with the girls everywhere and it is considered bad "JuJu" to play when Herbert is not present.  


UPDATE: Our precious Herbert has gone missing.  Last seen hanging from the glass behind the home bench at the Wellness arena.